Message from the Athletic Director

Hello to all of our wonderful parents, student-athletes, and visitors:

12mr16-falcon-gala-077I believe that interscholastic athletics exist to teach valuable life lessons for our student-athletes. It is also my belief that athletics should serve as an extension of the classroom. The role of the athletic department is to help each student-athlete develop the whole person: physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. It is imperative that the athletic director and coaches of the Rochester Athletic Department be teachers first, teaching crucial life lessons that will help develop the whole person. It is my goal, through education-based athletics, to promote an atmosphere of learning that will help to develop leaders on the playing field, in the classroom, and in the community.

Rochester Signing Day (39)-MAs an athletic administrator I will be resolute in my approach to equip our student-athletes with the essential skills needed to build strong character. At Rochester High School, we strive to teach valuable life lessons that will help each student-athlete understand the true meaning of selflessness, accountability, respect, and discipline. All student-athletes will face critical moments of adversity in their athletics careers, and it is the responsibility of the athletic director and coaches to make sure that each student-athlete has the essential tools to successfully face these adverse moments.

The safety and welfare of our student-athletes must always be our number one priority. We all must work diligently to ensure that the competitive environment is safe. Rochester Athletic Department has worked hard to make sure that all safety guidelines, equipment standards, and playing rules are strictly upheld.

Lastly, it is my goal to ensure that the Rochester High School Athletic Department operates effectively both now and in the future by making sound fiscal decisions. Through uniform rotations, need-based equipment assessments, and facility risk assessments, I will make sure that necessary financial resources are available for our athletic teams.

Luke Beach, CAA

Rochester Director of Athletics