Rochester Athletics Mission Statement

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Mission Statement
The athletic program at Rochester Community Schools is committed to excellence in
athletics as a larger goal of excellence in academics. It is our hope that by providing our
student-athletes with opportunities to participate in a rich variety of sports, they will grow
through competition in interscholastic athletics. It is the responsibility of the administration to expose student-athletes to knowledgeable and caring coaches who will help them to develop physically, socially, intellectually, and emotionally. The purposes of interscholastic athletics at Rochester High School are to provide student-athletes with an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It is our desire to place value on hard work, dedication, sportsmanship, teamwork,self-discipline, tolerance, and ethical behavior.

We here at Rochester Community Schools take pride in the achievements of our athletic
teams and their members. The Rochester Community Schools Athletic Department believes it is our responsibility to provide student-athletes the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of athletic teams. Interscholastic athletics serve to enrich the lives of student-athletes by giving them an arena in which to develop critical skills that will help them to be productive citizens and leaders in our society as well as enhancing the possibility of going on to post-secondary education.

The athletic programs at Rochester Community Schools are an extension of the
classroom and should conform to the objectives set forth by the district. Athletics are vital to the comprehensive educational process and are therefore co-curricular.
Athletics at Rochester Community Schools play an important role in developing skills
necessary for a productive and successful life as an adult. Administrators and coaches are in place to provide student-athletes with the skills and knowledge needed to competitively
engage in the sport they are participating in, as well as positively influence them to develop emotional and social socially.

Our coaches seek to enrich the overall experience of our student-athletes by teaching
lessons in sportsmanship, leadership, ethical behavior, discipline, hard work, and accountability. It is also our goal to teach student-athletes the importance of winning and losing with class and dignity.

The Rochester Community Schools Athletic Department also encourages participation
by students, parents, spectators and community. It is our belief that active participation in the interscholastic athletic experience enriches the overall experience of all included and aids in the development of school pride.

It is the goal of the Rochester Community Schools Athletic Department to offer the best athletic programs coached by knowledgeable and caring coaches. Interscholastic sports at Rochester Community Schools exist to provide student-athletes with the opportunity to grow as competitors and as individuals. We hope to better prepare our student-athletes for consideration for athletic scholarships through interscholastic athletics, but that is not our ultimate goal. Winning is important, but we remain committed to providing an enjoyable experience for all who participate in interscholastic sports.