Women in Leadership Lecture Series

The Women in Leadership Lecture series was created in conjunction with the Men of Character program. The purpose of the lecture series is to provide our female student-athletes with the resources and experience to learn from prominent female professionals (who are former student-athletes) from across the state about crucial life lessons they learned in interscholastic athletic competitions. Each speaker touches on specific subjects they feel are relevant to professional success after an athletic career ends. The topics all have a common theme, that athletics played and continue to play an important role in their professional lives, and helped equipped them for the real world. Insight is given to our female student-athletes on how to apply these essential life lessons through athletic competition, to their professional and everyday lives.

Each sports season, several female professionals are invited to speak to our female student-athletes.The Women in Leadership Lectures have brought in attorneys, city council representatives, teachers, coaches, administration, and former college student-athletes. This is an outstanding program and resource for our female student-athletes to learn about life after sports.

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