Yard Signs


Show your FALCON spirit with a personalized yard sign!     $22

-24” x 24” corroplast sign (double sided)  Same sport on both sides or 2 different sports

-Heavy duty step stakes to install

-Customized with team logo and name personalization

-First name/last name/nickname- you choose!

-Signs will be delivered within approximately 2 weeks of order receipt


SPORT:                              ____________________________

2nd SPORT:                        ____________________________   (if desired on back side of same sign)

PARENT’S NAME:            ____________________________

PARENT EMAIL:               ____________________________ (or preferred contact info)

NAME ON SIGN:              ____________________________

AMOUNT ENCLOSED:     ____________________________ ($22 per sign)

CHECK #:                           ____________________________

Please submit one form per player.

Checks made payable to RHS Athletic Boosters

-Submit payment to your team parent.

Questions please contact:  Sandy Snyder 586-381-2248 or sandyjsn63@gmail.com